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Theme & couples cooking classes, chef training, corporate team building, private parties
Hong Kong, China
Asian Culinary Journeys
8- to 15-day culinary journeys that include demo & hands-on cooking classes, market visits, gourmet meals & street food, cultural activities,...
Asia : China : India : Thailand : Vietnam
Asian & The Globetrotting GourmetĀ®
From street foods to fine dining. Deluxe travels through SE Asia with cookbook authors Robert Carmack and Morrison Polkinghorne + demo...
Asia : Cambodia : Yunnan, China : Bali, Indonesia : Japan : Laos : Malaysia : Myanmar : Singapore : Thailand : Vietnam
Chopsticks Cooking Centre
Individual & group hands-on & demo classes, workshops, 1- to 2-wk courses
Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
Daily Hands-on Chinese Wok Cookery, Chinese BBQ, Dim Sum, Chinese Vegetarian Cookery, Dim Sum, Thai Cookery and housemaids cooking training. All...
Hong Kong, China
Cooking School In China
Hands-on cooking classes at the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine. to learn authentic Sichuan recipes. INCLUDING - Private Classes, our signature...
Chengdu, China
Giggling Gourmet
6-week hands-on cooking course that focuses on skills & techniques. Corporate team building, parties, overseas culinary tours.
China : Cape Town, South Africa
Gourmet On Tour
1-day to 1-week culinary experiences with hands-on cooking courses & wine appreciation.
Napa Valley, Yosemite, Sonoma, CA : Shanghai, China : London, England : Paris, Provence, Normandy, Burgundy, Bordeaux, France (... more)
Hias Gourmet Culinary Excursions & Events
Culinary tours in Beijing, cooking classes, wholesale farmers & tea market visits, private dining, cultural sightseeing.
Beijing, China
Lotus Culinary Travel in China
Cooking classes, culinary immersions, restaurant tasting & market tours, producer visits, farm stays.
Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, China
The Peninsula Academy Culinary Experience
The Culinary Experience features chef's welcome dinner, tour of hotel kitchens, 4 days of morning cooking classes & class luncheons.
Hong Kong, China
Ronnie Fein School of Creative Cooking
Hands-on classes that emphasize ingredients, techniques, & menus
Stamford, CT
What's Cooking
Demo & participation courses & Far East tours that feature classes with professional chefs, gourmet dining, sightseeing, visits to food markets...
HI : Hinsdale, IL : China : India : Indonesia : Malaysia : Singapore : Thailand
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