Yoga Vacations and Workshops
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Heal your Body and Mind with Yoga, Food, Alignment and Nature

Personalized yoga, scenic locations, healthful meals, new friends!

Iyengar yoga and macrobiotics enrich the body's immune system and overall health, and are grounded in the wisdom/knowledge of renowned teachers such as BKS Iyengar for yoga and Michio Kushi for macrobiotics.

Karin Stephan:

Karin has been teaching yoga for 30+ years. She studied with BKS Iyengar in India, studied macrobiotics and taught at the Kushi Institute, and founded yoga centers internationally. She resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and teaches ongoing classes in her airy B&B which is also available for customized program stays.
More about Karin:

Yoga Classes:
Personalized therapeutic instruction by Iyengar-certified Karin Stephan. All levels welcome. Karin has a unique talent of customizing instruction according to individual abilities, goals and any physical/health concerns. She often utilizes “props” for optimal positioning. Classes focus on alignment, balance and working from within. She incorporates Iyengar’s insights and use of metaphor, plus her own keen observation, intuition and aesthetic sensibility.

Yoga Macrobiotic Vacations:
• Two 1½-hour yoga classes/day.
• Two meals/day. On-site preparation by experienced macrobiotic chefs using fresh seasonal ingredients.
• Luxury lodging.
• Optional: Nutritional counseling, cooking class, spa treatments, and reflexology by experts in their field. Private yoga with Karin.
• Flexible packages available.

Other mini-retreats, workshops and classes also offered in various locations.

Cambridge, MA (year-round classes, mini-retreats)
Cape Cod, Truro, MA (July-August)
Lenox, MA (March)
St. Petersburg, FL (May)
Tampa, FL (April)
Sanibel Island, FL (December)
Fripp Island, SC (May)
France,, 617-497-0218

About Us
Program Description
Yoga vacations typically feature 2 yoga classes/day, 2 macrobiotic meals/day; optional spa treatments, cooking class, private therapy. B&B mini-retreats, workshops, classes, teacher training, & nutritional counseling also offfered.
Program Length
1 day to 3-1/2 weeks
Program Focus
Personal Growth
Karin Stephan, instructor 30+ yrs, trained with BKS Iyengar in India, co-founded Le Centre European du Yoga in Paris, studied/taught at Kushi Institute, co-founded BKS Iyengar Yoga Center of Cambridge, writer. Plus other experts in their field.
See site for details.
U.S. Locations
Sanibel Island, Tampa, & St. Petersburg, Florida
Cambridge & Cape Cod, & Lenox, Massachusetts
Fripp Island, South Carolina
Global Locations
Year round
Karin Stephan
Yoga Macrobiotic Vacations
Porter Square Area
Cambridge, MA
United States
Phone: 617-497-0218