Algonkian Author Salon Commercial Novel Writing Program
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For Women's Fiction, Literary/Upmarket, SF/F (ADULT/YA/MG), Mystery/Thriller, Detective/Suspense,
Historical, Urban Fantasy, and General Fiction

What Will You Receive Besides a Far Better Novel Manuscript?

Welcome to the Algonkian Author Salon Novel Writing Program page on Shawguides. This program was created by a team of industry professionals that includes agents and publishers who wish to provide aspiring authors, regardless of manuscript stage, with comprehensive, rigorous training in the art and science of writing commercial fiction in multiple genres. Our step-by-step modules utilize pragmatic immersion methods that serve to methodically evolve your novel manuscript on every level as you progress through the program. See our program and module syllabus pages for more information. Upon graduation with a program certificate you will have:

1) A review by program professionals of your story premise and all major novel elements, as well as your prose narrative, for purposes of determining your competitive status vs. other writers in your genre.
2) A thorough outline of all your novel's plot beats and points.
3) 100 pages or more of your novel, or narrative non-f, in competitively polished shape.
4) A working-knowledge of the most highly regarded, industry-accepted techniques for craft writing, resulting in a personalized and competitive narrative style.
5) A realistic publication plan going forward based on your manuscript's current stage of development, as well as your writing skills.
6) A personalized consultation with one of our agent-faculty members to support your development of a professional agent query letter (if you and the faculty agree the time is right).

Writer Professionals Consulted in The Creation of This Program:

- Random House Senior Editor Caitlin Alexander
- Bestselling Author Barbara Kyle
- Literary Agent Katharine Sands
- Literary Agent Kimberley Cameron
- Algonkian Director and Author Michael Neff
- Literary Author Robert Bausch
- AEI Film Producer, Author and Literary Agent, Ken Atchity
- Literary Agent Paula Munier

See our syllabus and program page for more information.

Our goal is to hone your ms, secure you representation, and get you published.

About Us
Program Description
The Algonkian Author Salon novel writing program is designed to do one thing, and that is get a fiction manuscript as close to commercial publication as possible while not breaking the bank on the way.
Program Length
16 to 25 Weeks Average
Group Size or S:T Ratio
Program Focus
Autobiography/Memoir, Fiction, Humor, Mystery, Non-fiction, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult
Literary agents Paula Munier and Katharine Sands, Michelle Richter, author-agent Michael Neff, and bestselling author Barbara Kyle.
$499.00 for both parts or courses, for a total of 16 modules.
U.S. Locations
San Francisco, California
D.C., District of Columbia
Tampa, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Chicago, Illinois
New Orleans, Louisiana
Boston, Massachusetts
New York, New York
Raleigh, North Carolina
Dallas, Texas
Seattle, Washington
Global Locations
Sydney, Australia
London, England
Year round
Connie Chenowith
Administrator III
Author Salon
888c 8th Ave
New York, NY 10019
United States