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EasyGO Languages
Organization that provides international language school placement for students.
San Francisco, CA : Miami, FL : Chicago, IL : Boston, MA : NY : WA : Argentina : Bolivia : Brazil : Canada : Chile : China : Costa Rica : Dominican Republic (... more)
Nacel International Language Courses
Language courses offered in 20+ countries
San Francisco, CA : San Diego, CA : Los Angeles, CA : Miami, FL : Fort Lauderdale, FL : New Orleans, LA : Boston, MA : Saint Paul, MN : New York, NY
Passport Foreign Language Courses
Foreign language consultant & student placement service. Also offers internships, activity holidays & junior summer camps.
Sports, city tours, cookery, dance,
San Fransisco, CA : Fort Lauderdale, FL : Boston, MA : New York, NY : Perth, Brisbane & Sydney, Australia : Montreal & Vancouver, Canada (... more)
Steiner Summer Yiddish Program
The Steiner Summer Yiddish Program offers college students an intensive exploration of Yiddish language and culture. A new generation of speakers...
Amherst, MA
Steiner Summer Yiddish Program 2018
College students and recent graduates interested in learning Yiddish spend seven weeks in an intensive language and culture course gaining Yiddish...
Amherst, MA
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