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The Painting Experience is an unprecedented journey into the wild territory of painting directly from intuition. It's a leap beyond the predicted and expected – a venture into color, form and image where no rules apply.

In these workshops, everyone is a beginner. You are given the environment, methods, facilitation, and overview for in-depth self-exploration that can lead to pivotal insights and personal breakthrough.
• Discover a creative voice that’s entirely your own
• Trust your intuitive perception, not the mind’s critical chatter
• Overcome blocks by embracing their hidden message
• Explore process painting as a genuine path to spiritual awakening

For over four decades, Stewart Cubley has pioneered a way of integrative and creative living through the practice of process painting. His method is one of respectful questioning, inviting you to extend yourself into new areas of thought and feeling. Stewart has the ability to meet you where you are and to ask the right question at the right time.

What Recent Participants Say...

"One of the best weeks of my life. Stewart creates a wonderful space that is complex enough to accommodate all of us."

"It has influenced every aspect of my life, encouraging me to be more present and aware, in the moment and in the flow, and open to possibilities."

"A full palette of emotions, color and safe feeling exploration in a welcoming environment. Many close relationships have grown in the blink of a week."

About Us
Program Description
The Painting Experience is about your creative process, not technique or training. You are given the opportunity to embrace your own creative voice and confidently follow it. All materials are supplied — all you have to bring is you!
Upcoming Events

Jan 27 - 28, 2018
Venue: The Painting Experience with Stewart Cubley, Orlando, FL

Feb 3 - 4, 2018
Venue: The Painting Experience with Stewart Cubley, First Presbyterian Church, San Rafael CA

Feb 16 - 18, 2018
Venue: The Painting Experience with Stewart Cubley, Clinton Cameo Studios, NYC NY

Feb 23 - 25, 2018
Venue: The Painting Experience with Stewart Cubley, Bellview Grange Hall, Ashland OR

Mar 3 - 13, 2018
Venue: The Painting Experience with Stewart Cubley, Hui Ho’olana, Moloka’i HI
Program Length
2 Days-2 Weeks
Group Size or S:T Ratio
Program Focus
Stewart Cubley, founder of The Institute for Art and Living, co-author of Life, Paint and Passion. Other instructors: Annie Rousseau, Matt Belay, Betsy Vingle, Aziza Balle, Anne Pechovnik, Molly Siddoway-King, Lydia Marshall, Caroline McCartie.
Range. Some scholarships and discounts available.
U.S. Locations
Orlando, Florida
New York
North Carolina
Global Locations
Online Courses,
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